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We harness the power of Magento to build fast, integrated ecommerce systems that convert paid and organic traffic into recurring customers

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    Magento is a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform used by an estimated 1 in 4 businesses, both international and boutique. It meets the consumer’s demand for flexibility and choice across all their devices. Magento is fully customisable, allowing you to create unique, effortless and enjoyable shopping experiences.

    Here at Hudson, we started life as a Magento agency, we know every quirk of the system and how the get the most out of it. 

    We’re involved in every step of the process from user experience design, integration with your internal ERP system to server architecture and conversion optimisation. 

    Magento services

    Project Discovery

    Critical to the success of any Magento project is planning. We carry out comprehensive technical workshops with stakeholders to document and define a transparent scope around Magento and wider business processes.

    Magento Development

    We’ll tailor and build a best-fit Magento website including custom theme development and UX optimisation with a focus on store growth.

    Magento Integrations

    We will review your existing system infrastructure and provide integration assistance or custom development to ensure accuracy of stock, sales and other points of data.

    Magento migrations

    We carry out migrations to Magento from a number of different systems including proprietary software and off the shelf SAAS systems like Shopify

    Magento SEO

    Essential to any store setup or migration is protecting existing SEO authority. We review historic data and plan to mitigate any risks associated with moving to Magento including carrying out 301’s redirects.

    Magento Support

    We will provide ongoing technical and marketing support including access to our 24/7 helpdesk. We also provide a dedicated account manager to ensure you’re getting the most from Magento.

    See what our customers say about us

    We strive to form long term partnerships and work closely with our customers to alleviate challenges and drive growth

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    Hudson delivered our new website on time and the increase in sales was immediate. Since then we have hired Hudson for marketing support and they also run our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We never make a marketing decision without discussing this with Hudson, they keep us right.
    Brian Mulreany
    Because we were developing and designing a site from scratch, it was very difficult to push through with our KPIs apart from the timeline, how many errors we had to go back and fix, and the like. The main measure for success was the positive feedback, from both my internal team and our new customers, on Hudson Commerce’s finished product.
    Faisal Butt
    Group CEO
    Hudson were instrumental in the initial brand and ecommerce development for Craft56. They have also been vital in developing marketplace integrations as well as deploying and managing successful paid search and social advertising which has provided phenomenal year on year growth
    Alistair Hardy
    Managing Director

    Working with a Magento agency

    Discovery & Strategy

    It’s all about you. Our Magento agency will identify your business needs, discuss your concerns and devise a technical solution that will amaze you and your customers. We will map out integration with your existing system and get to know your ecommerce processes like the back of our hand.

    You will receive a comprehensive plan that will make implementing Magento as effortless as fast as possible.

    Hudson agency
    Hudson agency

    Design & User Experience

    Design is at the heart of everything we do. We never lose sight of your customers and the different devices they use to access your website.

    The mobile landscape is constantly changing but our agency design team obsessively keeps updated with the latest developments, ready to implement them to your website to keep you ahead of your competitors.

    Development & System Integration

    Don’t worry – you’ll be in safe hands. We are Magento certified agency, building a well-earned reputation for client success with it.

    Our integration experts will make your migration to Magento as easy and painless as possible with a detailed migration plan unique to your website.

    Hudson agency
    Executive Shaving

    Growth Acceleration & Conversion Optimisation

    After your Magento is live on your website, we will still be there to optimise your site, track conversions and monitor analytics to ensure your site is going above and beyond expectations.

    As a Magento agency, our goal is client retention and satisfaction which means store growth and profitability are paramount. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Magento is the most popular ecommerce platform available with an estimated market share of around 26%. Magento is open source meaning you have full control of the source code making it completely customisable.

    Magento provides a huge array of features out of the box including the ability to create multiple store views, B2B features such as customer groups and tiered pricing options, fully customisable cart and catalog price rules and endless opportunities for store customisation.

    Magento includes multiple licence types, these include Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud. Magento Open Source is a free to use, open source licence meaning anyone can download, install and customise the platform for commercial use.

    Magento Commerce on the other hand is a paid for licence. Magento Commerce includes more functionality than the standard Magento Open Source package including for example Magento page builder, content staging and scheduling, more comprehensive visual merchandising capabilities and access to Magento’s technical support.

    Lastly, Magento Commerce Cloud is identical to Magento Commerce but instead of hosting it on you or your agencies web servers, they are hosted on Magento’s own cloud servers.

    Fundamentally, all of them are open source, giving you the complete freedom to customise.

    As a Magento agency this is a common misconception we often hear. In most cases the question arises when comparing Magento’s features and fees against SaaS packages such as Shopify.

    Magento Open Source for example is free and gives a huge array of features that would only be achievable with premium versions of other ecommerce packages. 

    The costs with Magento arise due to its complexity. The three main costs associated with having a Magento website include initial setup, your server and ongoing support.

    As you can imagine, with this amount of features means that Magento as an application is quite large and requires a reasonable amount of server resources to run. 

    Depending on your store’s catalog size and traffic levels will dictate the type of server you will require.

    Magento is a complex application requiring a variety of skills to modify and run. Simply put, a Magento agency will provide you with all of the necessary resource required to run a successful Magento website. 

    These include certified Magento back-end developers, Magento front-end developers, QA engineers, technical project managers and account managers dedicated to reviewing your stores performance.

    With Magento being open source and with the ever changing landscape of internet security, frequent updates and security patches are required and highly recommended. Your Magento agency should advise on this and give a transparent breakdown of potential time and costs associated.

    Magento agency support plans often include minor version updates and security patches.

    As a Magento agency we are going to shout about our own work including Executive Shaving, GB Watch Shop, Zasimo and Appliance Shop to name a few.

    For other recognisable brands using Magento, these include:

    As a Magento agency, we work not only with B2C retailers but also D2C manufacturers and B2B brands. 

    Unlike other ecommerce platforms, Magento is great for B2B. Out of the box Magento functionality includes the ability to tailor customer groups meaning you can set varying levels of pricing between customer types. 

    You can also close the catalog and require the customer to login to view prices or even set separate retail and trade prices.

    Another area that might be beneficial is the multi-store options. When you have a separate retail and trade store front for example, trade customers can have a completely separate experience to retail customers for example different literature, marketing material, banners and so on.

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      Welcome Business Owner,

      I’m Ryan Findlay, owner and Managing Director of Hudson Commerce.

      You’ll hear alot of agencies shouting about their USPs. So what’s ours?

      We don’t focus on technical jargon(although that sometimes creeps into the conversation), impressions or clicks, we’re focused on your return on investment.

      Simply put, we’re focussed on customer growth and approaching every project from a commercial perspective not just a technical or creative one.

      What can we do for your retail business, what’s your pain points? How can we improve efficiency, generate sales or reduce overheads?

      Although we specialise in core platforms like Magento and Shopify, our experience goes far beyond. For example, we write systems integrations, middleware and apps in a number of different languages for inventory and warehouse management systems.

      We consult on business intelligence from adapting and deploying buyer reports to accounting. We’re required to plan, manage and continually optimise a diverse portfolio of digital media budgets spanning a range of verticals.

      Having these diverse, business changing conversations with our customers on a daily basis requires a different level of team and that starts with our internal culture. We don’t look for specialists in any particular platform.

      We hire customer-centric programmers, strategists and marketers with a data-driven, analytical approach who fit culturally and align with our core principles; Customer success, quality of work and efficiency of service.

      Ryan working

      Ryan Findlay

      Managing Director

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