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Magento 2 is a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform used by an estimated 1 in 4 businesses, both international and boutique. It meets the consumer’s demand for flexibility and choice across all their devices. Magento 2 is fully customisable, allowing you to create unique, effortless and enjoyable shopping experiences.

Here at Hudson, we started life as a Magento agency, we know every quirk of the system and how the get the most out of it. 

We’re involved in every step of the process from user experience design, integration with your internal ERP system to server architecture and conversion optimisation. 

Discover & Stategy

It’s all about you. We will identify your business needs, discuss your concerns and devise a technical solution that will amaze you and your customers. We will map out integration with your existing system and get to know your ecommerce processes like the back of our hand.

You will receive a comprehensive plan that will make implementing Magento 2 as effortless as fast as possible.

Design & User Experience

Design is at the heart of everything we do. We never lose sight of your customers and the different devices they use to access your website. The mobile landscape is constantly changing but our design team obsessively keeps updated with the latest developments, ready to implement them to your website to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Development & System Integration

Don’t worry – you’ll be in safe hands. We are Magento 2 champions, building a well-earned reputation for client success with it. Our integration experts will make your migration to Magento 2 as easy and painless as possible with a detailed migration plan unique to your website.

Some of our clients

Growth Acceleration & Conversion Optimisation

After Magento 2 is live on your website, we will still be there to optimise your site, track conversions and monitor analytics to ensure your site is going above and beyond expectations. Our data-driven maintenance will keep improving your website so it continually satisfies your customers’ vast and varied needs.

Welcome Business Owner,

I’m Ryan Findlay, owner and Managing Director of Hudson Commerce.

You’ll hear alot of agencies shouting about their USPs. So what’s ours?

We don’t focus on technical jargon(although that sometimes creeps into the conversation), impressions or clicks, we’re focused on your return on investment.

Simply put, we’re focussed on customer growth and approaching every project from a commercial perspective not just a technical or creative one.

What can we do for your retail business, what’s your pain points? How can we improve efficiency, generate sales or reduce overheads?

Although we specialise in core platforms like Magento and Shopify, our experience goes far beyond. For example, we write systems integrations, middleware and apps in a number of different languages for inventory and warehouse management systems.

We consult on business intelligence from adapting and deploying buyer reports to accounting. We’re required to plan, manage and continually optimise a diverse portfolio of digital media budgets spanning a range of verticals.

Having these diverse, business changing conversations with our customers on a daily basis requires a different level of team and that starts with our internal culture. We don’t look for specialists in any particular platform.

We hire customer-centric programmers, strategists and marketers with a data-driven, analytical approach who fit culturally and align with our core principles; Customer success, quality of work and efficiency of service.

Ryan working

Ryan Findlay

Managing Director

“Hudson were instrumental in the initial brand and ecommerce development for Craft56. They have also been vital in developing marketplace integrations as well as deploying and managing successful paid search and social advertising which has provided phenomenal year on year growth”

— Alistair Hardy, Craft56

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