Conquer the Christmas build-up and capitalise on thousands of merry shoppers this festive season with magical landing pages that convert for fun.

Here’s some quick tweaks that will make your conversion rate jump up with Christmas cheer:

Include a sign-up form with an incentive

‘Tis the season of giving, so why not give your customers 10% off in exchange for their precious email address? Make sure there’s an email sign-up form on your landing page, along with a clear, eye-catching discount that is too good to miss out on.

Customer email addresses are the best gift retailers could ask for, considering these email addresses belong to already engaged customers, who are warmed up and more likely to convert. They are also ‘evergreen’ customers that you can keep sending offers and discounts to, increasing their average order value and turning them into loyal VIPs.

Don’t want to offer money off? Offer early entry instead!

If you’re feeling a bit bah humbug about discounts, or you just want to give your customers a heads-up before the launch of your Christmas sale, ask them to sign up to your mailing list for early access to the exclusive online event.

This way, you can notify them when your sale is live and, in the meantime, you are building anticipation for the big day! This early access will make your customers feel special and valued this Christmas.

The Countdown Is On

Christmas is coming! Include a Christmas Sale Countdown Timer on your landing pages to create a sense of urgency that makes consumers check out before they miss out.

You’ll want to include a date and timer as well to emphasise that your sale won’t last forever!

Tip: This isn’t just a beneficial feature for any landing pages, it’s also great to use timers on products pages, along with messaging like ’57 people are looking at this product right now’.

Give Them Reason to Stay

Don’t bombard festive shoppers with a pop-up as soon as they land on your site. Instead, introduce a pop-up with an offer after about 20 seconds, or if they’re hesitating at check out, or if their mouse travels towards the big, scary exit button.

Analyse browsing habits and include strategic sequences of pop-ups that appear when users need a little push to buy.

This will convince consumers to stay shopping on your site, and if you offer something enticing, it will probably encourage them to buy.

Wrap It Up

Great, you now know how to optimise your landing pages for Christmas! It’s the most important time of the year for retailers, and an essential time to capitalise on big spenders and gift buyers. If you would like help, or advice on how to implement these steps and have a successful Christmas period, or how to take your ecommerce store to the next level, contact our team today

How To Optimise Your Landing Pages for Christmas
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How To Optimise Your Landing Pages for Christmas
Find out the small tweaks you can make to your landing pages to optimise them for Christmas shoppers. Tips to boost your festive sales.
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