Sell! Sell Sell! Everyone wants their ecommerce store to fetch more traffic and sales. At Hudson Commerce, we’re amazed by just how many of our clients aren’t doing the little things to benefit their online business. It’s easy to focus on the huge issues and ignore the tiny ones so here’s a handy list of low-effort ecommerce wins to help you get even more sales.

  1. Put a time limit on offers and discounts

This is an obvious one, but it’s the way the time limit is displayed that leaves room for improvement. People are more inclined to make a purchase if a special offer is time-limited. Pretty much most ecommerce businesses put a time limit on their offers in banners and emails. Fewer constantly remind their customers that time is ticking though. Use a live countdown to the end of the offer on your home page and product pages. This will constantly instil some urgency in the potential buyer and make them buy quicker.

2. Use an abandoned cart email

When people add an item to their cart, their intent to buy is higher than someone who just clicks on an item. There are many reasons for someone to put something in their cart and not buy it, but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested. Sending a handy abandoned cart email reminds the customer later about the products they once craved. Here are some enlightening stats from Moosend about abandoned cart emails:

    • 69% of online carts are abandoned.
    • 42% of abandoned cart emails get opened.
    • 50% of recipients who click on abandoned cart emails go on to make a purchase.

Seems like a quick way to get some easy sales and quick ecommerce wins.

  1. Offer discounts to repeat/high value customers

We all love those loyal customers who appreciate your products and keep coming back time after time to buy more. Sadly, not enough companies reward their continued loyalty, so why not break the mould and show them some love? Retrieve their email addresses and email them an exclusive discount code. It doesn’t need to be anything monumental – after all, it’s the thought that counts. They’ll definitely appreciate it though.

  1. Use a referral programme

Encourage your customers to get their friends to buy from your website with a discount or a freebie for both parties. Referral programmes are fantastic for two reasons: not only will they net you brand new customers, but they reward your loyal customers. It’s also an effective way to turn customers into brand ambassadors.

  1. Offer a discount when people sign up to your newsletter

Having a big email list is always a good thing, but sometimes it can be hard to convince people to sign up. Why not incentivise them to subscribe? Many ecommerce websites offer a discount, say 10% off a purchase, when users sign up to their newsletters. It’s an amazing way to begin a customer relationship and immediately puts your brand in good stead with the recipient.

  1. Encourage customers to spend more at the checkout

This one relies on pure psychology. If you offer free shipping above £50, let customers know how close they are to that goal if they haven’t reached it. If someone’s cart has £40 of products, they should see something that reads: “You’re just £10 away from free shipping!” The human brain is hard-wired to love free stuff and often, customers will buy items they otherwise wouldn’t have just to claim free shipping (guilty!).

  1. Use videos in your Facebook ads

Facebook constantly messes around with its algorithm, much to the frustration of marketers. However, we do know that the algorithm prioritises videos over static images. If you’re using Facebook ads, include a video in your campaign. Hopefully, this will dive more traffic to your website.

These ecommerce wins are quite straight-forward to implement but so many ecommerce sites aren’t following them! It’s stunning, really. Not only is this a great way to ramp up traffic and sales but it could put you ahead of your competitors. Not bad for just a tiny bit of effort!

If you need some help implementing some of these ecommerce wins or are even just looking for advice, please get in touch

7 Magnificent and Easy Ecommerce Wins
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7 Magnificent and Easy Ecommerce Wins
Want to get more sales for your ecommerce site with relatively little effort? Read our quick and easy list of ecommerce wins to find out how.
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