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Shopify is quickly gaining traction in the marketplace as a complete, secure and scalable ecommerce solution without the fuss of hosting, upgrades or maintenance. 

Our Shopify Developers specialise in building complex, integrated Shopify stores that perform well. We have a relentless focus on performance and data with the primary goal of converting browsers into buyers. 

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Our background is rooted in ecommerce, having started life as a Magento agency before diversifying, we’re well placed to handle a system like Shopify.

As a dedicated Shopify Development Agency, our team of Shopify Developers, engineers and strategists conduct full planning and development of Shopify stores to become either standalone or fully integrated with your existing systems.

are you considering Shopify?

Shopify continues to gain popularity with retailers of all sizes. It allows for fast store development and deployment of features without the headaches of complex ecommerce applications or server architecture.

HAVE YOU tried Shopify in the past?

You may have tried to migrate to Shopify or even run a Shopify store but left thinking “Shopify doesn’t work for my business”. If this sounds familiar, chances are you either didn’t have your ecommerce processes mapped correctly or the Shopify Development Agency working on the project were inexperienced. 

How are we different? We focus on your full ecommerce processes, how the store interacts with your existing infrastructure and what the steps are to achieve a fully streamlined process. That’s before we’ve even started on your client facing touch points and conversion rate optimisation.

Do you already have a Shopify store?

Do you already have a Shopify store that isn’t quite achieving ground-breaking sales? Do you have an existing Shopify store that isn’t quite talking to your inventory or warehouse management software?

We assist with both points. We provide integration methods to all systems, regardless of data types.

We also take a long term view of customer engagement; our goal is to ensure you’re not only running the most optimally efficient sales process, but to also enhance website usability and conversion rate optimisation. We do this by continuous testing, screen recordings, heat mapping and A/B testing.

What most shopify development agencies won’t tell you

Although Shopify offers ease of use and simplicity, getting it to work right for your business can be hard. Especially if there are many moving components behind the scenes of your business such as EPOS or WMS.

If another agency has already set up your Shopify store and it’s not quite hitting the mark technically or translating to sales; it’s likely they aren’t technically savvy enough or simply not focusing on the bigger picture that is online retailing.

What makes us different is that we’re a full service, commercially focused Shopify Development Agency with Shopify Developers at the core, not just ‘Shopify experts’. We focus on retail processes, conversions and revenue. 

We focus on not only store setup but also data synchronisation, processes, and full end-to-end funnel testing to ensure browsers convert into buyers.

“Hudson Digital delivered our new website on time and the increase in sales was immediate. Since then we have hired Hudson Digital for marketing support and they also run our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We never make a marketing decision without discussing this with Hudson Digital, they keep us right.”

— Brian Mulreany, The Executive Shaving Company

798% ROI

Google Ads

690% ROI

Facebook Ads

Welcome Business Owner,

I’m Ryan Findlay, owner and Managing Director of Hudson Commerce.

You’ll hear alot of agencies shouting about their USPs. So what’s ours?

We don’t focus on technical jargon(although that sometimes creeps into the conversation), impressions or clicks, we’re focused on your return on investment.

Simply put, we’re focussed on customer growth and approaching every project from a commercial perspective not just a technical or creative one.

What can we do for your retail business, what’s your pain points? How can we improve efficiency, generate sales or reduce overheads?

Although we specialise in core platforms like Magento and Shopify, our experience goes far beyond. For example, we write systems integrations, middleware and apps in a number of different languages for inventory and warehouse management systems.

We consult on business intelligence from adapting and deploying buyer reports to accounting. We’re required to plan, manage and continually optimise a diverse portfolio of digital media budgets spanning a range of verticals.

Having these diverse, business changing conversations with our customers on a daily basis requires a different level of team and that starts with our internal culture. We don’t look for specialists in any particular platform.

We hire customer-centric programmers, strategists and marketers with a data-driven, analytical approach who fit culturally and align with our core principles; Customer success, quality of work and efficiency of service.

Ryan Findlay

Managing Director

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    Hudson Commerce is an ecommerce-focused full-service digital agency with one primary goal; To provide superior ecommerce websites and digital marketing for ambitious retailers. We’ve worked with a broad range of both new and globally recognised companies.

    We’re all about growth, whether that’s scalable applications and server infrastructure to handle the demands of your customers or driving sales through multiple channels like Google, Facebook or Amazon. We do it all.

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