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Grow your brand with a Glasgow based Magento agency

Our Glasgow based team of certified Magento specialists build complex, integrated Magento stores for a range of retailers from small independent stores to globally recognised brands.

    We're a Glasgow based Magento agency servicing brands across the UK and internationally

    Are you considering Magento?

    Magento is a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform used by an estimated 1 in 4 businesses, both international and boutique. Magento meets the consumer’s demand for flexibility and choice across all their devices. 

    Magento is fully customisable, allowing you to create unique, scalable and profitable ecommerce websites

    Have you tried Magento in the past?

    You may have tried to migrate to Magento or even run a Magento store but left thinking “Magento doesn’t work for my business”.

    If this sounds familiar, chances are you either didn’t have your ecommerce processes mapped correctly or the Magento agency working on the project was inexperienced.

    Our Glasgow team of Magento specialists work across a number of areas

    Project Discovery

    Critical to the success of any Magento project is planning. Our Glasgow based Magento team carry out comprehensive technical workshops with stakeholders to document and define a transparent scope around Magento and wider business processes.

    Magento Development

    Our Magento team will tailor and build a best-fit Magento website including custom theme development and UX optimisation with a focus on store growth.

    Magento Integrations

    We will review your existing system infrastructure and provide integration assistance or custom development to ensure accuracy of stock, sales and other points of data.

    Magento migrations

    We carry out migrations to Magento from a number of different systems including proprietary software and off the shelf SAAS systems like Shopify

    Magento SEO

    Essential to any store setup or migration is protecting existing SEO authority. We review historic data and plan to mitigate any risks associated with moving to Magento including carrying out 301’s redirects.

    Magento Support

    We will provide ongoing technical and marketing support including access to our 24/7 helpdesk. We also provide a dedicated account manager to ensure you’re getting the most from Magento.

    Systems we've integrated with

    Companies hire our Magento agency because of the results we provide

    Executive Shaving Company

    Magento Ecommerce, WMS integration, digital marketing

    Are you considering a new Magento agency?

    Do you have an existing Magento store that’s not quite achieving ground-breaking sales? Do you have an existing Magento store that isn’t quite talking to your inventory or warehouse management software?

    We assist with both points. Our Glasgow based Magento agency can help!

    We take a long term view of customer engagement; our goal is to ensure you’re not only running the most optimally efficient sales process, but to also enhance website usability and conversion rate optimisation. We do this by continuous testing, screen recordings, heat mapping and A/B testing.

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      Magento agency Glasgow

      Hudson Commerce is an ecommerce-focused full-service digital agency. Established in Glasgow, we work with a broad range of both new and globally recognised companies across Magento and wider ecommerce requirements.

      We’re all about growth, whether that’s scalable applications and server infrastructure to handle the demands of your customers or driving sales through multiple channels like Google, Facebook or Amazon. We do it all.

      Constanza and Lewis working in the office

      Our technology partners

      What most Magento agencies won’t tell you

      Magento is a large application and getting it to work right for your business can be hard. If another agency has already set up your Magento store and it’s not quite hitting the mark technically or translating to sales; it’s likely they aren’t technically savvy enough or simply focusing on the bigger picture that is online retailing.

      What makes us different is that we’re a full service, commercially focused agency with Magento programmers at the core, not just ‘Magento experts’. We focus on retail processes, conversions and revenue. 

      We look not only at Magento store setup but also data synchronisation, processes and full end-to-end funnel testing to ensure browsers convert into buyers.