Deep in the labs of Hudson Commerce, we’re constantly experimenting with better tech to boost clients’ sales. There are countless e-commerce programmes, plug-ins and apps that swear behind tried-and-tested methods to achieve this result, all with their own complex pricing plans. One that a few of our clients are enjoying fantastic success with is Clerk.

What is Clerk?

When plugged into a website, Clerk helps users by using AI to offer suggestions for their website search, product viewing and personalised email offers, in addition to in-depth audience segmentation. Companies can choose which of these four components they want to use and track their performance through Clerk’s own analytics dashboard. Let’s investigate the core features of each.


If your shop inventory has of thousands of items, users can experience analysis paralysis with the overwhelming amount of choice on offer. Clerk’s recommendations feature helpfully includes product carousels that gives users a place to start. It can also show customers items related in some way to the one the user is viewing. This provides a great opportunity for upselling and cross-selling similar products, as well as pushes more people around the website. There’s also the option to show a ‘recently viewed’ carousel, so the user can easily return to an item they were looking at before. Clerk’s AI gets smarter the longer it’s in use. Companies that use Clerk report that the carousel even recommends items they forgot they had in stock.



Clerk’s audience feature is fantastic for providing a bespoke experience to your customers. It cleverly analyses your customers past behaviour and shows you how much value they have to your business. This provides you with segments across channels, including email, social and Google Ads. You can also target new customers using lookalike audiences. Plus – as you can imagine – it’s very useful for retargeting customers with different kinds of messaging.


Although related to the audience feature, Clerk’s email functionality is a bit different. Customer data is segmented based on past behaviours and then an email is sent to them to take a particular action.  It automatically sends out customised highly relevant product recommendations to different types of customers. You can also see how much revenue you raised through Clerk’s emails, so you can see if you’re getting your money’s worth. Just set it up and forget about it as Clerk automatically sends the right email to the right person.


Users who use a search function on a website have an idea of what they would like to purchase. The more defined their search intent, the easier it is to convert them to buy, especially when compared to someone who just wants to browse.  When a user starts typing into a search bar, Clerk’s search feature reveals a drop-down menu with predictive categories and product suggestions. Data-driven AI makes these recommendations and even picks up on misspellings and typos.


Clerk is a fantastic tool for the time-poor ecommerce business. It’s set-and-forget configuration means you need to do very little while the program runs in the background. Being AI, the more it learns about your website, the more it will improve. Why not see if Clerk is the right fit for your online shop?

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