Meet Vassil Kalphov, one of our Backend Web Developers. We took Vassil away from his busy day to ask him a few quick questions about what it’s like working at Hudson and to get to know him a little better.

What did you do before working at Hudson?

I had just finished my BSc in Computer Science at Strathclyde University when I started working for the company, so I was coming straight out of university. I was very keen to get a taste of the challenges of the industry and dig deep into solving real problems. For the period of nearly two years that I have been with the company I have been involved in a great number of projects facing challenges that were never the same. The valuable experience I have gained here makes me feel like I have been part of this industry for more than 5 years now!

What’s a typical day like in the office for you?

A day at Hudson is never typical! You always come to work to find something you have not faced before which makes a “typical” day at Hudson full of surprises. My day is generally spent solving challenging, logical problems both off and on the computer. As a developer at Hudson, I spend a big part of my day working on ecommerce systems of various sizes to continually increase the value for our clients. Additionally, I often advise clients and guide them when making decisions based on a combination of technical and non-technical factors. Working for a company that interacts with clients from all areas of business provides me with a great insight into the specific processes of their field and I have learned a lot. However, the office debates are what really makes your day unpredictable. Funny discussions on the most bizarre topics are part of our daily routine in the office and some of these really make your day!

What do you like about working at Hudson?

Working at Hudson is rewarding in many ways – the feeling of pride and satisfaction when you see clients happy and their businesses growing is something we experience on a daily basis here. What is more, we get to walk out of the office with more and more valuable knowledge and experience every day which really helps us improve professionally and personally.

Yes, brain challenges and career progress are all great, but the warm and friendly atmosphere is what makes this workplace really enjoyable. There is never a dull moment in the office and the team really make you feel in the right place at the right time! I have even been taught the specifics of the local language in depth in the office!

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I enjoy playing all kinds of sports outside the office and I try to stay active as much as I can. Football, badminton and downing pints are just part of the sport activities I like to practice regularly. Additionally, one of my favourite things to do outside work is contemplate my life – the life of a bald man in his 20s.

Fun fact about yourself?

Despite looking around 40 years old, I am 24. Nobody in the office has seen my passport or ID card so as far as they know I am 24.

If you had one super power what would it be?

Easy question. Teleportation is the best superpower out there. Prove me wrong!

What is your favourite website?

I don’t find myself looking at one website too often, but I have recently been spending quite some time on

If your house was on fire, what are the two things you’d run back in to get?

I would go back to get my girlfriend (tell her to take the documents and computers) and the car keys. I quite like my socks but I guess I will have to get over them…

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Jason Statham. Or Dwayne Johnson. Or Vin Diesel. No more bald actors come to my mind at the moment.

What musician or band would you love to see live?

I would go back and see Queen.

Meet The Team - Vassil
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Meet Vassil, he is one of our back-end developers here at Hudson Commerce. Find out more about the team here.
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