With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s important to make the most of the romantic shoppers searching the internet for the perfect gift.  To capitalise on these gift-givers, you’ll need to win their hearts with sales and marketing strategies specific to the most romantic day of the year.   

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled 4 Valentine’s Day Tips for Ecommerce Businesses to help you make your store irresistible to online shoppers!

Show Off Your Date(s)

Delivery dates are a sensitive subject for many online shoppers. Gift buyers are especially anxious over delivery timescales, and whether or not their present will arrive for their Valentine on time.

To convert these worried gift-givers, make your delivery dates clear in your emails, popups, PPC Ads, and across your website.

Remind customers of the last date they can place orders for Valentine’s Day and when their items will be delivered. Offering fast & tracked delivery could also put you ahead of competitors, as this option is more favourable near popular gift-giving holidays.

Entice With a Gift Guide  

For those indecisive Romeos, a gift guide can offer the help they need to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for their loved one.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, you can stick to the classic ‘Gifts for Him’ or ‘Gifts for Her’ options, or you can venture into hobbies, such as ‘Gifts for Foodies ‘or ‘Gifts for Adventurers’. You can gather data from each gift guide you offer for retargeting, or target customers with specific gift guides based on their browsing habits. Gift guides also boost a customer’s Average Order Value (AVO), as they often buy additional products from the ‘often bought together’ widget, or buy the full gift set rather than individual products.

Don’t Miss the Chance for Romance

Like any online sale, driving urgency is key to building momentum and pushing customers to convert.

Urgent messaging and a countdown timer on your website are great ways to convince people to buy now, rather than put it off until later.

This can be linked to your delivery timescales with a notice informing customers that they must order now to guarantee a Valentine’s Day delivery. By using delivery dates to back up your urgent messaging, you appear more believable and credible, as though you are helping customers ensure they receive their gifts in time, rather than rushing them into buying.

Make Your Subscribers Swoon Over Email

As Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show some love, you can make your subscribers feel special with a VIP code or discount. This is a great way to show appreciation for your loyal customers and means you can have a more exclusive sale, rather than a large-scale, site-wide situation.

Email marketing is all about nurturing your relationship with existing customers and connecting them to personalised offers or promotions that will make them buy again and again. So, make sure you are using email marketing to engage customers with an offer that feels like a Valentine’s gift to them, or by shouting about your sale with fun, love-themed language.

Go Share The Love!

Great, now you know how to make your customers fall in love with your Valentine’s Day Sale!

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4 Valentine’s Day Sales Tips for Ecommerce Businesses
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4 Valentine’s Day Sales Tips for Ecommerce Businesses
Launch a Valentine's Day Sale Your Customers Will Love. These 4 Tips Will Make Your V-Day Sale Irresistable To This Year's Romantic Spenders.
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