29 million people in the UK log into Facebook every day. Tap into this huge market of ‘willing to buy’ customers. 

Social media plays an important role in your Digital Marketing strategy. This is the first place that many of your customers will discover your brand for the first time. We’ll help you build an online presence, stand out from the crowd and get you results!

Paid Social Media

66% of the UK’s population actively uses social media. That’s a lot of eyeballs you can get in front of. Increasingly, social media platforms are prioritising paid content over organic in people’s news feeds. It’s vital you have a paid social strategy to charm new customers on social media.

Social advertising differs to other digital channels because you have an unrivalled opportunity to reach your relevant audience with virtually limitless data. Our social media magicians can target your wonderful ads based on interests, location, occupation, relationships and much much more.

This makes it perfect to find those that match your ideal audience who have never heard of you. Social ad settings can be fiddly, confusing and very costly for those who don’t live and breathe them. At Hudson Commerce, our team often fetches clients a four, six and even ten-fold return on ad investment with killer campaigns. We’ll be delicate with all your campaign, audience and creative settings. You’ll get a neat weekly report with in-depth analysis and recommendations that work. You just sit back and manage those orders.

Some of our clients

Quiz Magento website
Aston Martin Magento website
Rolls Royce Magento website
Executive Shaving Magento
GB Watch Shop Magento
Zasimo Magento

Organic Social Media

If you don’t have a stand out organic social media plan, your brand may as well be non-existent. Your social media account is often a user’s introduction to your brand. A brilliant social media profile will grab you lots of trust, fans and sales. Your posts need to be engaging, on-trend and frequent. Our social media mavericks will take advantage of algorithms and help you get more:

We’ll create an exciting content calendar, using your brand’s tone of voice. We’ll learn more about your audience and discover what makes them most likely to interact with your posts. You’ll form mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships with your followers that promote loyalty and trust. Plus, you’ll get awesome looking social profiles.

Executive Shaving Magento

“Hudson Digital delivered our new website on time and the increase in sales was immediate. Since then we have hired Hudson Digital for marketing support and they also run our Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. We never make a marketing decision without discussing this with Hudson Digital, they keep us right.”

— Brian Mulreany, The Executive Shaving Company

798% ROI

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690% ROI

Facebook Ads

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