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How much money are you leaving on the table?

Done properly, CRO will transform the growth of your business. First, you need to understand why your site isn’t converting and create a conversion improvement action plan.

With the right approach, we can show you how to convert more buyers and grow sales without spending more on advertising.

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Spending money on advertising or ranking higher on search engines is meaningless if your traffic isn’t converting. In the fiercely competitive world of ecommerce, where everyone is vying for a larger piece of the pie, Conversion Rate Optimisation is the single most important tactic for maximising the return from your marketing efforts.

Build a data-led conversion strategy

A data led analysis of your website is the foundations to understanding the current behaviour of your traffic and identifying any potential pain points. A simple button placement, wording or checkout load time can mean the difference between a sale or abandonment. We employ a multitude of established tools to build a picture of what’s happening on your site.

Our tried and tested approach

Data analysis

The first step is understanding how users are behaving on your website. To do this, we will dive into all available historic analytics data followed by a setup of tracking and heat mapping tools.


All future adjustments, experiments or AB tests must have a valid hypothesis. Our team will share, discuss and prioritise these based on your objectives.

Technical QA 

Our team of developers can assist in building and deploying tests or adjustments.


Building on years of ecommerce experience. Our team of designers are focused on conversion first, pretty pictures second.


We run multiple tests simultaneously to accelerate your CRO programme, but we always ensure there’s no conflict in the hypotheses.


CRO relies on complex statistics which are frequently misunderstood, or even worse deliberately misrepresented. We are totally transparent about what the data is and isn’t saying, feeding the results into the next wave of research.


Executive Shaving Magento

"Hudson Commerce's management style is very professional with clear communication lines."

The new website is up and running smoothly. The team uses a ticketing tool for communication that gives them the freedom to discuss issues or requirements clearly.

Robert Burton - Executive Shaving

"The team was very helpful and patient when delivering training on the system."

Hudson Commerce migrated the platform seamlessly. After that, the site's traffic and conversion rates improved significantly. The team's project management was clear and organized. They responded quickly to emails and provided detailed updates on the progress.

Alistair Hardy - Craft56

"They had a commercial approach to all the projects that we worked on."

The Magento website has garnered positive feedback from the client's internal team and new customers. The team possessed the expertise to weigh Magento against Shopify as the platform more suited to the business needs. They were communicative, timely, and had a good issue response system.

Faisal Butt - Zasimo

The tools we use

GA is the default go-to application to gain a website performance overview. In an instant, we can check the performance of marketing campaigns alongside our CRO strategies.

HotJar allows our team to observe a visual map of user behaviour in realtime, from click points and scroll heatmaps through to conversion analysis and A/B testing.

VWO is our choice of tool for small detail amends which feedback into the larger strategy. It allows us to test multiple A/B amends across a platform instantly.


Website conversion audit

The first stage in our process is the Website Conversion Audit. This is where one of our seasoned online marketing gurus will dig deep into your business to understand the best way to maximise sales and leads for your company.

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Hudson Commerce is an ecommerce-focused full-service digital agency with one primary goal; To provide superior ecommerce websites and digital marketing for ambitious retailers. We’ve worked with a broad range of both new and globally recognised companies.

We’re all about growth, whether that’s scalable applications and server infrastructure to handle the demands of your customers or driving sales through multiple channels like Google, Facebook or Amazon. We do it all.

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